3 Herbal Health Supplements for Liver Detox

Proper functioning of liver helps in healthy digestion and detoxification. These days we are exposed daily to high levels of toxins in the form of chemicals, pesticides, water contaminants, food preservatives, heavy metals and electromagnetic radiation through our food, water, air, body and home products. These toxins lodge in our body systems, especially liver.  When our livers are so busy working to filter out all these toxins the liver has very little energy left to filter blood, drugs, hormones let alone do the job as a digestive organ.

The following three products help to remove unwanted toxins and reduce burden on your liver as well as optimizes liver function.

• Phalatrikadi vati is a potent Hepato-protective herbal health supplement that optimizes liver function, reduces viral load in patients with Hepatitis and prevents liver damage.
• Bhumiamalaki capsule is a natural liver detox that supports liver functions, purifies liver secretions and helps to heal tissue damage.
• Liver Care capsule is a comprehensive formulation for the management of Hepatitis and other liver disorders. It has antiviral and antioxidant effect and it encourages regrowth of new liver cells and protects liver against chemicals or alcohol induced liver damage.

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