How to prevent lifestyle disorders through Ayurveda

Lifestyle disorders are set of diseases which are because of following unhealthy diet and lifestyle. Diet and lifestyle influence digestive fire and metabolism. According to Ayurveda texts diminish digestive fire is the main cause of diseases. Hypo functioning of the digestive fire produces the accumulation of toxins (Ama) and mala (urine, feces, and dosha) in the body. The accumulated toxins causes obstruction in the various channels of body and give rise to different lifestyle disorders. The common treatment principles of Ayurveda are concentrated on maintaining good health and balanced state of dosha and agni (digestive fire) by good diet and good lifestyle.

Lifestyle disorders includes Sthaulya (obesity), Prameha(Diabetes), Hridya roga( Heart diseases), Yakrita roga( Liver diseases), thyroid disorders, Rakta Gata Vata(Hypertension), stress, anxiety, P.C.O.D. etc.

Cause- As per Ayurveda primary treatment is nidana parivarjana or removal or avoidance of the cause.

Some causes are-

• An irregular dietary habits such as by eating before the previous meal has been digested, over eating, heavy dinner at late night etc.

• More consumption of newly harvested cereals, heavy food items such as yoghurt and its preparations, milk and its preparations, meat juices of domestic, aquatic and swampy animals, oily, spicy deep fried food items.

• Sedentary lifestyle (absence of physical exercise)

• Doing a lot of physical exercise

• Day time sleep

• Late night sleep and late wake up in morning

• Constant worrying

• Stress

• Suppression of natural urges (urine, feces, flatus etc.)

• Addiction of smoking, alcohol

• In short indulge in Kapha Dosha aggravating diet and lifestyle


Ayurveda, the science of life with which we can manage or control the lifestyle disorders by following correct diet and lifestyle along with treatment. Ayurveda holistic treatment is designed to achieve homeostasis rather than to counter the symptoms only. As per Ayurveda disharmony in the three doshas (Vata, Pitta, Kapha) results in roga(disease). Change in diet and lifestyle causes imbalance in the dosha. In Ayurveda classics Dinacharya (daily regimen) and Ritucharya(seasonal regimen) also describes for the purpose of balancing dosha status and preventing lifestyle diseases.

Other measures for prevention-

• Take 3 timely meals, preferably freshly prepared and warm.

• Don’t skip meals

• Eat early and light dinner.

• Take2-3 liter water per day.

• Avoid oily, spicy, deeply fried and heavy to digest food items.

• Avoid excess physical and mental strain.

• Avoid sedentary lifestyle.

• Go to bed on time and wake up early in the morning. Sleep for minimum 7 – 8 hours daily

• For maintenance of the health try to follow the seasonal regimen properly.

• Try to follow holistic and wholesome lifestyle according to body type.

• Perform regularly yoga or meditation to calm down mind and body. It helps to relieve stress and balance doshas.

Note- Lifestyle correction accordance to one’s body type is the simplest and best way for health promotion and diseases prevention and management of diseases.

You can take the herbal medicines recommended by Ayurvedic doctors for correction of metabolism and digestion of toxins. Panchakarma therapy (Detox therapies) and Rasayana therapy (Rejuvenation therapies) also you can choose for better improvement.

This article is written by Vaidya Kavita