Top 6 winter diseases and prevention tips


Winter or sisira is the coldest season of the year, occurs between sarat (autumn) and vasanta (spring) seasons.  Sisira ritu comes under adana kala or uttarayana kala, where sun is traversing to the north of equator. This season is typical to tropical and subtropical regions, and is very pleasant due to occasional sunshine.


  1. Dry skin -One of the most common symptoms that people face during winter season is the dry and itchy skin. Cold and dry weather creates dry skin and that leads to painful cracks especially on lips.
  2. Joint pain- Most of the people suffer from joint pain or arthritis during winter. Cold atmosphere increases vata dosha and causes pain in sandhis or joints. Pain due to rheumatoid arthritis, gouty arthritis, osteo arthritis, previous injury etc. worsens during this season.
  3. Sinusitis- This is occurs due to improper ventilation, exposure to allergens, dust, mist etc. Running nose, head ache, breathing difficulty, nasal obstruction, common cold are the other features of sinus problem.
  4. Cough and Cold -Cough and cold are very common in winter season. This is because of the sudden loss of body temperature followed by a drop in atmospheric temperature.  Symptoms of common cold include running nose, sore throat , head ache, coughing and watery eyes.
  5. Asthma – Asthmatic symptoms such as wheezing and shortness of breath are caused due to the cold winter air. Cold and dry air leads to tightening of the respiratory pathways and worsen asthmatic symptoms.
  6. Heart attacks – Cold atmosphere can result in narrowing of blood vessels, thickening of blood, and increasing of cholesterol. The risk of heart attack rises in winter season.


  1. Use oil based creams and moisturizers to prevent dry and itchy skin and cracked lips. Increase intake of water to stay hydrated.
  2. Prefer woolen cloths to keep the body warm.  Local or full body application of Ayurvedic oils just before bath will help you to reduce joint pain. Do mild exercises and take plenty of water.
  3. Wear warm cloths throughout the day and take home remedies for cold. Always keep the body warm by doing exercises, drinking hot coffee, taking warm food, bathing in luke warm water etc.
  4. Adequate sleep is necessary to maintain a healthy immune system. Stay away from dust and mist but give proper ventilation to your house.
  5. If nasal congestion or running nose is there do steam inhalation, prathimarsa nasya with Anu oil, dhoomapan with nasya stick, gargling with saline water etc.
  6. Avoid eating fried, oily, cold, refrigerated street foods. Don’t over eat and make sure to eat a healthy nutritious diet. Do regular exercises or walking when it is slightly sunny.

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