Grishma ritu or summer is intensively hot and environment is prevalent with unhealthy dry wind. Fiery hot sun decreases kapha dosha, accumulates of vata dosha, diminishes rasa dhatu and dries up moisture contents in the environment. As a result of this digestive power decreases, body strength of an individual decreases and skin problems such as acne, rashes, hives etc. arises.

As per Ayurvda, the summer protocol, called grishma ritucharya advises specialized dietary and lifestyle measures to counteracting dry heat of summer. Here are 6 Ayurvedic tips to beat the heat and help you keep in balance this summer.

Ayurvedic tips to beat the heat

Diet: food which are light to digest, sweet oily cold food items, mung lentil, rice, wheat, oats, milk, ghee, coconut, mango, pomegranate, dates, cucumber, carrot, cabbage, sweet potato and cauliflower. Avoid hot spices, salty sour food items, alcoholic preparations, tea, coffee and non vegetarian foods.
Fluids: drinking plenty of water and other liquids, coconut water, lassi, butter milk, fruit juices, milk shakes, Amalaki juice (Indian gooseberry juice) and stirred curd with pepper
Lifestyle: stay in cool places and wear light clothes, sleep during day time is recommended, avoid extreme exercises and try to do meditation, lepana of the body with coolant and aromatic herbs like sandal, avoid sun exposure and excessive physical activities, use sun creams
Massage: daily body massage with coconut oil, almond oil or medicated oil (vata pacifying) is good for your skin.
Therapies: Head massage, full body massage (abhyang), shirodhara, takra dhara, ksheeradhara, tarpana, shiro basti, shiro pichu
Ayurvedic medicines: Triphala, Neem, Turmeric, Musta, Usheera, Candana, Aloevera gel, Neem face wash, Rasayanaprash, Chandanadi asava etc.

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