Ayurvedic remedy for treating Leucorrhea

Leucorrhea is a common issue of many woman’s now a days. It is nothing but white sticky discharge from the vagina caused due to Unhygienic condition, genital tract infection or in-pared hormonal system also.

It can be caused due to excessive consumption of sour, heavy or oily, sweet food items and improper diet, life styles during menstrual cycle etc…

How we can resolve this issue by the mean of Ayurveda. According to Ayurveda it is caused due to the aggravation of Kapha dosha. Usage of Asparagus racemos is a simple and powerful remedy to get rid from this issue.

How to use Asparagus Racemous in Leucorrhoea?

Steps to follow;-
1. Take 2-3 rhizomes of Asparagus racemos and peel its outer surface.
2. Take 2.5 glass of milk in a bowl and keep it for boiling.
3. Cut each the rhizome into 3-4 pieces and add it into the boiling milk.
4. Boil the milk until the color changes into yellowish – white.
5. Reduce the milk into 1 part and then remove it from fire.
6. Morning on empty stomach and night before going to bed drink it.
7. Continue it for 1 month and feel the changes.

For the hygiene of vagina, Herbal vaginal wash can be used like;-
• Boil small amount of neem leaves or methi in water and that warm water can be used as vaginal wash to prevent itching sensation over the vagina

N:B;- Avoid of excessive spicy and oily foods. Drink plenty of water per day.

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