Though it is known that ageing itself is a physiological phenomenon, nobody accepts to look old. As per fundamental principles of Ayurveda, vata dosha is predominant during old age and which is responsible for the manifestation of ageing. With advancing age kapha gets gradually depleted and depletion of sapta dhatus occurs.

As per Ayurveda old age is defined as the period between sixth decades of life till 10th decade. The signs and symptoms of ageing (aggravated vata )are leanness, darkening of skin, want of warmth, tremors, flatulence, constipation, insomnia, loss of body strength, decreases function of organs, giddiness, loss of confidence, stress, memory loss, body pain, irrelevant speech etc.

With the help of Ayurvedic measures, it is possible to at least delay the ageing in general, and specifically of the skin. It will be possible to prevent and treat aggravated vata by taking care of the body, mind and the spirit.


  • Aggravated vata due to malnutrition is treated by brimhana or nourishing therapy.
  • Take food which is rich in oils, ghee, milk and dairy products.
  • Take more sweet, sour and salty tastes.
  • Advise to take digestion promoting herbs like ginger or black pepper.
  • Herbal wines should be taken before food to increases appetite, or after food as a tonic.
  • Try to do sitting type of yoga postures with silent meditation.
  • Light oil massage should be given with warm oils like Sesame oil and fomentation with anti vata herbs like Dashamula.
  • Oil massages will soothen the skin, reduces the cracks and wrinkles and also will improve blood circulation.
  • Internal administration of ghee will augment digestive fire (agni), relieve constipation, improves memory and pacify the brain.
  • Nasal administration of 2 drops of Anu taila, in each nostril, daily.
  • Mild laxatives and decoction enemas should be taken.
  • Application or light massage with warm sesame oil, daily, alleviates the dryness and cold sensation of the skin.

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