Diet as an Etiological factor in skin diseases

Virudh ahara or Dietetic incompatibility – This is a peculiar Ayurvedic concept related to diet interaction and is described in almost all Ayurvedic compendiums. In general along with some other diseases, dietetic incompatibility can produce skin eruptions, leucoderma and different types of dermatitis. The famous example of this is fish and milk. This combination if taken together will cause skin disorders over a period of time. Some other combinations like milk, honey, bamboo leaf and jujube fruit if taken together can adversely affect the luster and texture of skin.

Food items indicated and contra indicated in skin disorders

Food items good for skin health – Charaka has mentioned the use of easily digestible food and vegetables with pungent taste for skin disorders. The ghee prepared with marking nut, triphala and neem if used along with food is useful for skin disorders. Old grains, flesh of animals belonging to dry land and forest, green gram are good for skin disorders.

Food items to be avoided in skin disorders – Heavy diet, sour taste, curd, milk, flesh of animals belonging to marshy land, jaggery, and sesamum are contraindicated in all skin disorders.

From this we can conclude that almost every aspect of dietary advice to skin care and diseases are discussed in Charaka Samhita and on the basis of this we can rewrite the dietary regimen applicable in today’s life.

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