Health benefits of Khajur (An Ayurvedic view)

Khajur  : Dates are fruits of date palm. These are known as Kharjura in Sanskrit. Its Latin name is Phoenix sylvestris Roxb, belongs to family Arecaceae. It has been widely used in Ayurveda as a medicine and in diet also.

Pharmacological properties

Rasa(Taste)- Madhura(Sweet)

Guna(Qualities)-Guru(Heavy for digestion), Snigdha(Slimy in nature)

Vipaka-Madhura(Undergoes sweet taste after digestion)



Vata-pitta shamaka(reduces vitiated vata and pitta dosha)

Blaya (provide strength), Hrdya (beneficial for heart), Mamsavardhaka (increase muscle tissue), Vrushya (aphrodiasic), Shramahara (removes fatigue), Pushtikara (Nourishes body) etc.

Indications in Ayurveda

Abhighata, Raktapitta, Madatya, Daha, Murcha, Kshayahara, Gulma, Hikka, Swasa, Kasa, Jwara etc.

Therapeutic benefits of Khajur are as follows-

Anemia -Fruits are rich source of Iron. So anaemic patients can consume dates regularly. Pregnant women are also encouraged to eat these daily because Anaemia is relatively normal finding in pregnancy.

Bone and Dental problems– Calcium content in dry dates is very high. Calcium is necessary to keeping our bone and teeth healthy. So including dates in daily diet will be able to prevent from bone problems (Osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, gout etc.) and dental problems (tooth decay).

 Hiccough– Khajur pulp is taken with honey.

 I.B.S. – Juice of Draksha, Ikshu and Khajur should be used.

Improves overall health –It contains a wide range of vitamins including vitamin A, C, E, K, B2, B5, B6 etc. These vitamins are vital for our health and wellness.

Constipation– Dates are rich in fibers so heal constipation effectively by increasing the bulk of fecal matter.

H.T.N.- Khajur contain low fat and no cholesterol.  Low sodium and high potassium content of it are beneficial for keeping the blood pressure under control.

Urinary disorders-It acts as diuretic and having cold potency. So very helpful in conditions like U.T.I, burning urination and cystitis.

Skin problems– Dates are natural source of vitamin B. It is beneficial for skin cells as it can repair damage caused by free radicals. To eliminate dry and dead skin cells it having vitamin A also.

Hair Problems– Vitamin B5 present in dates is helpful in maintaining the health of hair as well as scalp. You can prevent the number of hair problems like hair fall, brittle hair.

Anti ageing– Dates are loaded with vital nutrients and also having anti-oxidant property so it can repair damage caused by free radicals. Regular consumption of these fruits can nourish our skin improves its texture.

Adverse effect

No adverse effect is known or reported but patients suffering from diabetes should limit the use, as it can increase blood sugar level.

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