Did you ever wonder whether the food you consume is what your body needs? Do you know that seasonal changes can influence your strength, weakness and immunity? If you can, then how and when will you demarcate it?
In Ayurveda rithucharya is a way of living one’s life in the context of seasons. Ayurveda advocates that our bodies are affected by seasonal changes. These seasonal practices will help you lead a healthy and holistic life. It is a concept specifying the diet and lifestyle to be followed in a particular season to prevent the aggravation of dosas(vata, pitta, kapha).

• In early winter it is advised to consume food having sweet, sour, and salty tastes. Ayurveda suggests sesame oil, meat soup processed with ghee, meat of healthy animals, beverages prepared out of rice flour and molasses, black gram, milk products, wheat and rice flour pastries, sugarcane juice and fresh rice in this season. The same regimens can be followed during extreme winter. Herbs can be used in this season are Satavari, Aswagandha, Bala etc. In order to avoid common cold and cough Ayurveda suggests Ginger, Cinnamom, Garlic, Jaggery, Pepper, Cumin etc.

• In spring season intake of food which is light, dry, taking bath, upward powder massages, anoint body with paste of camphor, sandal, agar and saffron are recommended. Old barley,milk,ghee,wheat, roasted meat of animal residing in arid locals, honey, Alcoholic beverages, wines made out of sugarcane, grapes and honey, water boiled with ginger, Musta or water mixed with honey can also be used for drinking purpose. Herbs like Mandukaparni, Satavari, Garlic, Ginger etc. can be used.

• In summer season sweet, light, unctuous and cool diet in liquid form is recommended to use. powder of parched paddy mixed with sugar, alcoholic beverages, Sali verity of rice, meat and meat soup of animals residing in arid locals, panakam(soft drink) prepared with slices of banana and jackfruit stored in new clay pot can be used as a drink, cool water flavored with trumpet flower and camphor powder are recommended to use. Musta, Parpadaka, Useera, Candana, Rose, Nagara , Mango, Neem etc. can be used.

• In rainy season old cereals, meat soup and meat of animals located in arid place, green gram soup, wine, arista (alcoholic preparations),whey mixed with salt, Pancakola (mixture of Pippali, Pippalimoola, Cavya, Citraka and Nagara), sour, salty food added with sufficient fat, honey and that which is dry and light can be use. River water and powder of parched paddy churned with water are to be avoided. Along with rains monsoon brings some diseases like Dengue fever, Typhoid, Cholera, Hepatitis A and Conjunctivitis. Ayurveda suggests Ginger,Cinnamom, Garlic, Jaggery, Pepper, Cumin etc. to avoid common cold and cough . In order to pacify vatika disorders arise during monsoon (body ache, joint pain, arthritis, hair fall, digestive problems, odema) herbal preparations containing Eranda (Castor), Rasna, Nirgundi, Arka, Chincha, Punarnava, Kumari (aloevera) etc. are recommended to use.

• In autumn when hungry dishes having bitter, sweet, astringent tastes and of light properties like Sali rice, ghee, green gram, sugar, goose berry, snake gourd and meat of animals residing in arid location are recommended. This season is more prone to develop urinary tract infection, chickenpox, conjunctivitis and skin diseases so it is advised to take Amalaki, Gokshura, Draksha, Dadima, Gudoochi,Triphala etc. during this season.

Ayurvedic Preparations according to season

Sahacharadi oil
Dhanwantharam oil
Sudarsanam vati
Yogaraja guggulu
Dasamoolakhana vati

Chandanadi asava
Shadanga paneeyam
Sathapatradi cap
Gulab pushpa choorna

Gandhaka rasayana
Chandanadi asava
Sarivadi asava

Chandraprabha gulika
Sathavari kalpa
Avipathikara choorna
guggukuthikthakam gritha

Ayurveda has depicted various rules and regimens, regarding diet and routine to avoid diseases associated with seasonal changes. Seasonal routine helps in achieving good benefits of the atmosphere.

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