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Botanical name  – Piper Longum

Family name  – Piperaceae

English name  – Indian long pepper

Common name – Long Pepper

Synonyms – Magadhi, Krishna, Vaidehi, Chapala, Kana, Ushana, Soundi, Kola, Tikshnatandula.

Habit – Annual herb

Useful Parts – Fruit, root

Common Uses – Pippali has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. It is also used in indigestion, loss of appetite, constipation, pain in the abdomen, piles, liver problems, anaemia, heart diseases, cough, asthma, general body weakness, tuberculosis, decreased sperm, menstrual and urinary disorders, and skin related problems.

Indications  – Thirst, Fever, Abdominal disorders, Dyspnoea, Cough, Emaciation, Skin disorders, Diabetes, Hemoorhoids, Spleenomegaly, Pain, Anemia, Intestinal worms, Loss of taste, Indigestion and bloating.

Product description  – It is the main ingredient in Trikatu tablet, Chitrakasi tablet, Karpur Hingu tablet, and Pippali powder.