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Botanical name  – Corallium rubrum

Family name  – Coralliidae

English name  – Coral

Common name – Red Coral

Synonyms  – Vidruma, Raktanga, Abdijanthum, Pakhala, Marka, Angarak, Mani.

Habit  – Perennial fossil.

Useful Parts: Powder of the whole fossil.

Common Uses: heart tonic, brain tonic, anti-inflammatory, astringent, reduces hyperacidity and diarrhoea accompanied with bleeding and ulcerations. It is diuretic, aphrodisiac and restorative in cough, fevers and colds. It also reduces secretion and sweating.

Indications  It is used externally as a collyrium in lacrimation and itching in eyes, defective vision. It is used internally in loss of taste, chronic rhinitis, hyperacidity, peptic ulcer, vomiting, thirst, burning sensation, loss of appetite, phthis, cough, tuberculosis, emaciation, bleeding disorders, bleeding haemorrhoids, injury to cardiac region, cardiac weakness, chronic fever, headache, calculus, diabetes, menorrhagia, metrrohagia, excessive sweating, eye disorders, poisoning and vata disorders.