Chandrasur – Lepidum sativum

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Botanical name – Lepidum sativumFamily name – CruciferaeEnglish name – Garden CressCommon name – ChandrasurSynonyms – Chandrika, Charmahantri, Nandini, Karvi, Bhadra, Deergabija.Habit – Annual erect herb.Useful Parts - Seeds.Common Uses - The seeds are bitter, aperients, stimulant, tonic, demulcent, thermogenic, depurative, aphrodisiac, carminative, galactagogue, emmenagogue, a stimulant of bile function and a cough reliever. The leaves are mild stimulant and diuretic, useful in scorbutic diseases and in liver complaints. The roots are bitter, acrid and are useful in treatment of secondary syphilis and tenesmus and used as a condiment.Indications – Abdominal tumor, skin disorders, hiccup, pain due to injury, eye disorders, diarrhoea, pain, cough, dyspnoea, tumors, hepatomegaly and spleenomegaly.Products description – Chandrasur Capsule and Powder, Chaturbeeja Powder.