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Botanical name – Momordica charantia
Family name – Cucurbitaceae
English name – Bitter Gourd
Common name – Bitter Melon, Karavella
Synonyms – Sushavi, Karavella, Katilla, Karavelli, Karela..
Habit – Perennial shrub.
Useful Parts – Whole plant
Common Uses – Analgesic for pains and burning sensations, appetizer, digestive, cholagogue, purgative and anthelmintic. Used in anorexia, ama dosha, liver disorders, and piles. Anti-inflammatory and diuretic, it is used in Kapha blood disorders, cough, and to alleviatesdermatosis, fever, urinary disorders, obesity

Indications Anemia, diabetes, intestinal worms, loss of taste, and fever.

Product description – It is the main ingredient in Karela Powder, Karela Capsule, and Madhumehahar Yog.