Virechan: Purgation Therapy

Virechan is one among the five therapeutic procedures of panchakarma. It is a medicated purgation therapy which cleanses the gastro-intestinal tract, liver and gall bladder from toxins. It also removes toxins from the blood and thus purifies the blood. Virechan is mainly indicated for the disorders related to pitta. It pacifies the pitta dosha and thus its disorders. It can be adopted as a preventive procedure in sharad (winter) season as it is the season of aggravation of the pitta dosha.


1) Prior to the procedure, the patient is subjected to oleation and sudation therapies in order to bring the doshas to the abdomen.
2) Then on basis of the constitutional analysis, abdomen assessment, age, mental conditions, the dose and medicinal herb are decided and the patient is subjected to purgation.
3) The patient is asked to maintain a frequency chart and the consistency of the motion to analyse the effect of the dose.
4) More the frequency more the effect of the dose which is consider as a perfect purgation therapy.
5) After the therapy patient is asked to observe fasting and then take a light diet.


1) Detoxification of the toxins from the body and thus promotes good health.
2) Detoxify the toxins from the liver and hence regulates proper metabolism.
3) Beneficial in skin disorders, urticarial rashes, allergies.
4) In case of Gout, rheumatism, purgation is classically said to be the best.
5) Mainly relieves gastro-intestinal disorders.
6) Reduces weight by removing excessive fat from the abdomen.


1) Rheumatic arthritis
2) Gout
3) Obesity
4) Chronic asthma
5) Cardiac disorders
6) Tumors growth
7) Jaundice
8) Gall stone
9) Spleen disorders
10) Eczema, psoriasis
11) Hypersensitivity
12) Urinary retention

Contra –indication:
Person suffering from fissures, ano-rectal bleeding, fever, immunocompromised patients, weak persons, pregnant women, age below 15 years and old age people are contra-indicated for virechan.