Vaman: Emesis Therapy

Vaman is one of the five therapies of Panchakarma in Ayurveda. Vaman means therapeutic vomiting which is a medicated emesis. This treatment is done for the aggravated Kapha dosha, which dislodges the toxins mainly from the respiratory and gastrointestinal tract. This therapy is also done for preventive & curative purposes. Ayurveda believes that different seasons have a great influence in the aggravation of doshas, ex: Kapha in Hemant (spring season), pitta in Sharada(winter)season and Vata in greeshma(summers) season. Hence one can adopt Vaman therapy in Spring i.e Hemant season as a preventive therapy in order to prevent disorders related to kapha.

1) Vaman is induced in order to eliminate excess of mucus from the respiratory and gastro-intestinal tract that causes excess of the kapha.
2) Pre-therapy procedure: before inducing vamana, patient is asked to have  kapha aggravating foods such as the yoghurts, sweets, basmati rice, the prior night. This is done with the intention of increasing the kapha so that it gets eliminated out completely and forcefully from the system.
3) On the next day, a drink is made out of vomiting inducing drugs- madanphala, licorice, calamus root tea.
4) This drink triggers vomiting in the patient, if it doesn’t take place then it is induced by rubbing the tongue.
5) In this manner the patient expels the whole kapha outside and feels better & light after some time.
6) Post therapy: patient should take rest completely and consume light food. Fasting is recommended after vaman therapy as the whole system goes under heavy work.

1) Lightness in the chest is often experienced after undergoing the vaman therapy.
2) People analyse things more efficiently, promotes good voice and good appetite.
3) In ancient days vaman was said to be given to one, after consumption of poison or food poisoning which is today followed by stomach wash in modern science.
4) After vaman, the sinuses are cleared which in turn provides relief from  congestion, wheezing and breathlessness.
5) It is a highly efficient treatment in Asthma and skin related problems like psoriasis.
6) Reduction in weight and cholesterol & triglycerides.

Upper respiratory tract infection
Metabolic disorders like Diabetes.
Skin allergy, eczema, psoriasis
Urticarial rashes