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English Name: Black pepper
Sanskrit Name: Marich
Botanical Name: Piper nigrum

The black pepper, the most important among the Indian spices is said to be the king of spices and the master spice owing to the importance as an indispensable part of world cuisine. Black pepper or Marich is one of the important ingredients in Ayurvedic formulations like Trikatu, chitrakadi vati, Kanchanara guggulu, saraswat vati etc
Black pepper alleviates Kapha and Vata, increases the pitta, which makes it an appetizer and useful in digestive disorders.

• Black pepper is used in the seasoning of rice and also in many Indian & western recipes for flavor and preservation.
• It gives a pungent taste to cuisine, and improves digestion, and stimulates circulation.
• Apart from having an aromatic property, the black pepper is a nervine tonic with lots of free radicals and hence is an antioxidant and enhances the bioavailability of herbs and spices used along with it.
• It helps in decreasing the bad cholesterol level and the fat and is a remedy for respiratory disorders, joint pain and even improves eye vision when used judiciously, and also improves immunity.
• Black pepper is helpful in preventing dental caries, toothache, and sensitive teeth and maintains healthy gums.
• It is an excellent remedy for cold, cough, and fever when used with sugar candy or honey

Excessive intake is contraindicated in pregnant women and in pitta predominant conditions like ulcerative colitis, Urticaria.

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