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Botanical name – Acacia concinna
Family name – Fabaceae
English name – Soap Pod
Common name – Concinna
Synonyms –Saptala, Bhuriphena, Charmakasha, Phenila, Saatala.
Habit – Perennial shrub
Common Uses –Shikakai’s fruit pods are acid, bitter, singularly pungent; considered de-obstruent, astringent, and detergent. Shikakai is used in hair care treatments, and it is known for its conditioning properties, detangling effects, and natural shampoo derived from its fruit. An infusion of the leaves is used in anti-dandruff preparations. The oil extract of the ground pods is used to cure skin diseases. It also used as purgative, de-obstruent in cases of jaundice and other biliary derangements. An infusion of the leaves is used in malarial fever.
Indications – It is used externally as a wash in worm infestation and internally in cold, dyspnoea, bleeding disorders, jaundice, and disorders of the liver.

Product description–It is the main ingredient in Hair Care products.