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Botanical name – Asparagus racemosus
Family name – Asparagaceae
English name – Indian asparagus
Common name – Shatavari
Synonyms – Bahupatra, Abheeru, Narayani, Atirasa, Vari, Shatamuli.
Habit – Perennial tree

Useful Parts – Tuber, Roots
Common Uses – Brain and eye tonic, rejuvenating, digestive, astringent, cardiotonic, fetal tonic, galactagogue, and aphrodisiac. Diuretic and nourishing, it helps in the prevention of abortion, suppressed lactation, menorrhagia, and low sperm count. It is useful in general debility, strengthening of muscles and nervous system.

Indications – It is used externally for massage in Vata disorders and as a paste for external application in oedema and leucorrhoea. It is used internally in hyperacidity, duodenal disorders, abdominal tumor, gout, Vata disorders due to depletion of tissues, urinary disorders, general

Product description –Shatavari tablet and Powder, Rasayana Capsule Yog, Sundarikalp, and Rasayana Prash.