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Botanical name – Inula racemosa

Family name – Asteraceae

English name – Inula, Indian elecampane, Sun spear

Common name – Inula, Pushkarmool

Synonyms – Paushkar, Pushkar, Padmapatra, Kashmira, Kushtabheda, Shwasari, Sugandhika.
Habit – Perennial shrub

Useful Parts – Root

Common Uses of Pushkarmool –The root is medicinal and considered specific for cough, dyspnoea, asthma, pleurisy, anemia, tuberculosis, and chest pain especially pre-cordial pain. The aqueous extract of the fresh or dry roots is given orally in rheumatic pains, diabetes, and liver problems. Externally a paste or liniment is used for relieving pain. The root is also used in veterinary medicine as a tonic. The root forms an important ingredient of several herbal formulations for heart diseases and inflammatory conditions of the spleen and liver. It is also used in obesity problems.

Indications – It is used externally and internally in skin disorders and internally in fever, dyspnoea, cough, pain in the flanks, hiccup, loss of taste, amenorrhea, and dysmenorrhoea.

Product description – It is the main ingredient Shwas (Asthma Relief) Yog and Shwas Herbal Tea.