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Botanical name – Boerhaavia diffusa

Family name –Nyctaginaceae

English name –Spreading Hog, Horse Purslene, Hog Weed

Common name – Red Hogweed

Synonyms – Raktapushpa, Shotagni, Kshudravarshabu, Varshakethu, Katillika, Shilatika, Shwetamoola, Deergapatrika, Mahavarshabhu.

Useful Parts–Roots, leaves, whole plant
Habit – Perennial herb

Common Uses –The root has rejuvenating, anti-stress, anti-oxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties. It is used to treat many diseases like gonorrhoea, internal inflammations of all kinds, dyspepsia, jaundice, menstrual disorders, anemia, liver, gallbladder, and kidney disorders, urinary problems, enlargement of spleen, abdominal pain, rheumatism, abdominal tumors, and cancers. It cures also corneal ulcers and night blindness, insomnia, skin diseases, and helps restore virility in men. People in tribal areas use it to hasten childbirth. The juice of leaves serves as a lotion in ophthalmia. It is also administered orally as a blood purifier and to relieve muscular pain.
Indications – Its juice is used externally for loss of vision, cataracts,s, and pain in the eyes. It is used as a paste or poultice externally in swelling. It is used internally in cardiac disorders, disorders of liver and spleen, skin disorders, cough, anemia, jaundice, dyspnoea, bleeding disorders, urinary disorders, hepato and spleenomegaly, Metrorrhagia, Anemia, Diabetes, Disorders of blood, etc.

Product description – It is the main ingredient in Punanarva Mandur, Brahama Rasayan, Medohar (Anti-Obesity) Tea, and Mahanarayan Oil.