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Majuphal :

Botanical name – Quercus infectoria
Family name – Fagaceae
English name Gall – Oak, Aleppo galls, Gallnut, Magic Nut
Common name – Gall-Oak

Synonyms – Brahmavitkam, Chidraphalam, Kaishika, Kantakaadyaphala, Kantakaakshaphala, Maachi, Maajuphala, Mayika, Maayuka, Shisubhishajam

Habit – Perennial shrub

Useful Parts – Fruit (worm-gall)
Common Uses – Majuphala is used in Ayurveda to increase the digestive fire and corrects the digestive system. It is effective in heavy bleeding during periods, bleeding gums, bleeding diarrhea. It also specially recommended in prolapsed of uterus and anus, skin problems, eczema, wounds, chapped nipples, sore throat, tonsillitis and alopecia. It is very useful to treat dysentery and diarrhea as well as in extra growths in female reproductive organs and white discharge from vagina or profuse menstruation. It has anti-cancerous, acrid, astringent, cooling, haemostatic, constipating, vulnerary, expectorant, tonic, digestive and febrifuge properties.

Indications – It is used internally in Diarrhoea, Duodenal disorders, Bleeding disorders, Polyurea, Menorrhagia, Metrrorhagia, and Leucorrhoea. It is used externally as a dusting powder in Ulcers, for Uttara Basti (medicated enema through the urethra) in Leucorrhoea and for Gandusha (Mouth gargle) in dental disorders.

Product description – It is available in Capsule and Powder form.