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Botanical name – Mucuna pruriens
Family name – Fabaceae
English name  – Cow hedge plant, Cowhage
Common name – Kapikachu
Synonyms – Shookashimbi, Rshyaprokta, Kacchura, Kapikacchu, Atmagupta, Kantoora,
Habit – Annual climber.

Useful Parts – Seeds, roots, and trichomes. (Bija, Mula, Phala, Soft thorns on Phala.)
Common Uses – Brain tonic, laxative, anthelmintic against worms, diuretic. Nutritive for muscles and for the reproductive system, therefore it is a sperm’s strengthened.

Indications – Ulcers, nervous disorders, diarrhea, vaginal disorders, and impotency.
Product description – It is the main ingredient in V Capsule, Rasayana Yog, and Vajikaran Herbal Tea.

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