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An ointment for various types of skin conditions. In this ointment, apart from the main ingredient Neem, other herbs also used which have the potency to heal various skin conditions. Helps fight skin infections and promotes wound healing

Health Benefits:

1. Helps in Pitta and Kapha types of skin conditions
2. Useful in eczema, allergic skin rashes, and discoloration of the skin
3. Helps in reducing itching, burning sensations, and other types of blood vitiating disorders.
4. Works as an anti-bacterial and antifungal skin ointment.
5. Helps heal cuts and wounds
6. Relieves fungal infection, allergic skin rashes, dry and itchy skin
7. Helps get rid of cracks in feet
8. Treats warts and moles


Neem Oil- Azadirachta indica
Karang Oil- Pongamia pinnata
Nirgundi Oil- Vitex nigundo
Coconut Oil- Cocus nucifera
Bee wax

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longevity pack

50 gm