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A potent remedy for gastritis and helps balance Pitta dosha. Kamdudha is a herbo- mineral formulation used in the treatment of many gastric disorders diseases.
Health Benefits:

Helps relieve burning sensation and discomfort in the abdomen
Helps relieve epigastric tenderness
Useful for acidity, nausea, vomiting, and low appetite
Relieves headache
Helps reduce excess menstrual bleeding and leucorrhea
Natural calcium and iron supplement
Useful in acidity, burning sensation, and abdominal pains
Helps in GERD, faster healing of gastric ulcers and gastritis
Helps in bleeding disorders and diarrhoea

Guduchi sattva (Tinospora cordifolia)
Shudh garrik (Purified ferrous oxide)
Abhrak bhasma (Purified Mica)
Dose: 1 Capsule twice or thrice daily.


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vati pack

60 capsules, 120 capsules