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Common Name: Fennel, souf, anis

Sanskrit Name: Mishreya

Botanical Name: Foeniculum vulgare

Fennel is aromatic and is said to be a sattvic spice owing to the fact that it is a brain tonic and is cold in potency. Apart from being a main ingredient of cooking it is used in many Ayurveda formulations like dhanyapanchak vati, shatpatradi chooran, panchasakar chooran, madhumeh har yog etc owing to its wide range of therapeutic effects.

Fennel seeds alleviate kapha and vata & balances pitta.

•  Fennel seeds are chewed after meals to control bad breath and also help in digestion and prevent bloating.

• It is natural fat buster and is diuretic so is helpful in obesity and water retention.

• It is aphrodisiac and helpful in menstrual disorders. It reduces morning sickness in pregnant women and improves lactation in breast feeding women.

• Fennel seeds are good source of potassium so helpful in high blood pressure as well as cardiac problems.

• It is expectorant and is useful in common cold, congestion and other respiratory disorders and is rejuvenation to the respiratory organs.

• Fennel seeds improves eye vision and relives eye strain and also improves memory