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Common Name: Cinnamon, Dalchini

Botanical Name: Cinnamon zeylanicum

Sanskrit Name: Tvak

The dried stem bark of cinnamon is used in Garam masala recipes. It is a good antimicrobial and antihelmintic also helps in controlling candida yeast infections. Ayurveda formulations like sitopaladi powder, dadimastak powder, Haridrakand powder contains cinnamon.

• It is kapha vata alleviating and pitta increasing due to its hot potency.
• Cinnamon is used as a preservative spice owing to its antimicrobial action.
• It can be used to relieve bad odour.
• It controls the blood sugar level so helpful in diabetes.
• It is a good antioxidant and is anticancerous.
• It helps in increasing the circulation and inturn the metabolism which helps in reducing the body fat.
• Cinnamon was found effective in diarrhoea, vomiting, tympanites, colic, abdominal pain, dysmennothea, haemorrhage, diabetes, nausea, anorexia, indigestion bronchitis, asthma, cephalegia, flatulence, urinary disorders, fever etc.