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Bilva - Aegle marmelos

Description- The Sacred Antidysentric herb among the Dashmool

Common name- Bilva, Bael, Bel

Sanskrit name- Bilva

Botanical name- Aegle marmelos

Effects on doshas- Vata & kapha balancing

Common Uses - Bilva is said to be one among the climate purifiers as it helps to detoxify pollutants as well as emits more oxygen to the atmosphere than other plants. External application of powder with mustard oil cures burns. It helps in diahorrea with sticky stool or stools with mucus and also in amoebic dysentery. It lowers the blood sugar level, cholesterol and blood urea. It is anti-bilious, anti cancerous, anti-parasitic, antipyretic, carminative, digestive, stimulant, tonic, and has laxative properties.

Dose- 1-3 grams of powder per day

Products description – It is a main ingredient in Vatskadi Tablets, Bilva Oil, Anu Oil, Dashmool Yavakut, Chyavanprash.