Herbal compound powder

You are seeing this page as you have been suggested a customized herbal compound powder / capsule made from numerous herbs (which are mentioned in our e-mail communication). Our price will be US$ 35.95 per month supply for the suggested compound.

We shall prepare this combination after receiving your order. You can place your order for desired months by clicking above.

Herbal compound powder

Product NameSizePrice US$
Herbal compound Powder1 month35.95
Herbal compound Powder2 month64.95
Herbal compound Powder3 month97.00
Herbal compound Powder4 month113.95

If you do not feel comfortable with taking powder then we can prepare similar formulation in vegetarian capsule (600mg each) form. Our price will be same for powder or capsules.

Veg.caps.(Compound powder capsules)

Product NameSizePrice US$
Veg. caps. (120)1 month35.95
Veg.Capsules (240)2 month64.95
Veg.Capsules(360)3 month97.00
Veg. Caps.4 month113.95
Shipping Policy

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