Beauty Care

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Soundarya Vardhini (Ayurvedic Beauty Therapies)

Ayurvedic beauty therapies with ancient time tested herbs help to enhance your beauty and rejuvenate the skin and hair naturally.

Beauty contributes to one’s personality and has always remained a valuable asset. So every one of us is extra conscious about beauty and is in search of better remedies to look more beautiful. Due to pollution and a faulty lifestyle, number of skin and hair problems are increasing day by day. We provide Ayurvedic beauty therapies which are cost effective, herbal, non toxic and non irritant and help to maintain health and increase the beauty of your skin and hair. Unlike chemical cosmetics tested on animals which cripples, poisons and abuses animals ultimately leading to their suffering and death, our Ayurvedic beauty therapies make use of ancient, time tested products which are natural and plant based. Our Ayurvedic beauty therapies for skin and hair care rejuvenate the skin and hair, improves lustre, tone and complexion of the skin, delays skin ageing, promotes growth of silky and shiny hair, improves hair texture and density. They are effective in dry skin, black spots, dark circles under eyes, acne, blemishes, wrinkles, freckles, thinning of hair and hair fall.

Udwartana (Ayurvedic Powder Scrub) – Herbal powders mixed with a suitable medium are gently rubbed on the whole body in a rhythmic manner in the direction opposite to the orientation of hair. It exfoliates the skin, reduces cellulite and excess fat and eliminates bad body odour. Read more

Mukha Lepanam (Ayurvedic Face Care) – A gentle face massage with herbal cream follows a facial cleansing and exfoliating scrub. Later gentle steam is given to open the pores and then suitable herbal face pack dissolved in rose water is applied over the face. It smoothens & retextures the skin, improves complexion, delays ageing process, lifts and firms the skin and is suitable for all skin types.

Hasta Soundarya (Ayurvedic Manicure / Ayurvedic Hand Care) – Hands are treated by soaking in a warm herbal decoction after a gentle oil massage and herbal exfoliating scrub. Later massage is done with herbal cream and gentle steam is applied. It improves the texture of hands and nails. It is beneficial for dry, rough, overworked hands and fragile nails. Read more

Pada soundarya (Ayurvedic Pedicure / Ayurvedic Foot Care) – This Ayurvedic therapy is done like Ayurvedic Manicure. Following a gentle oil massage and exfoliating scrub, the feet are soaked in a warm herbal decoction. Later a soft massage is done with herbal creams followed by application of steam. This makes the feet soft like a baby’s feet, it helps in cracked heels, tired and sore feet. Read more

Kesha Soundarya (Ayurvedic Hair Therapies) – This therapy begins with head massage followed by gentle herbal steam. Later herbal conditioning paste is gently applied on the hair and retained for a specific period of time. It prevents and repairs hair damages, makes hair softer and smoother. It is beneficial in hair loss, premature graying of hair, dry and itchy scalp. Read more.