Valerie Tello

Dear Dr. Lakshmi,
I arrived safely at home in my tiny island.
The trip went very well. Thank you again for your valuable help.
It’s a bit strange to find myself here. I miss you very much. I think about you everyday and I repeat your advice when I feel that I am becoming sad. It is very cold. My house is old and badly heated. Fortunately I can make a fire in the fireplace. It keeps me company with my Chihuahua. I found my mother and my sister. I do not think I told you that my sister is heavily disabled. She has a degenerative polihartritis very grâve. She can not get up from her bed anymore. Sometimes the responsibility of my mother and my sister weighs heavily. More the divorce that does not advance. I was lucky to be able to do Panchakarma with you. I feel that this month of care has given me strength. I was exhausted. I take my treatment with rigor.
I received the package on December 5, it’s amazing!
Everything has arrived intact. It lacked the copper pot, and spices like pepper, cardamom, seeds of fennel and cumin. Maybe they will arrive in another package. Otherwise it does not matter.
Dr. Lakshmi, you are a wonderful person both inside and out. Having you as a doctor is a great chance.
Have a great day,
Valerie Tello