Sami Kiukas

Hello and greetings from Finland!

Here is some testimonial about the Pancha Karma treatment I had there at the Chakrapani June 2019:

Overall the Pancha Karma treatment was very good for me. I took some months to fully feel the effects of the treatment, and see how it worked on the long run.

I’ve been feeling more energy and waking up naturally early in the mornings. My stomach issues are mostly gone, though I still feel my stomach / gut is quite sensitive sometimes. I stopped drinking coffee and eating wheat and most of the cereals – all those seems to irritate my body quite a lot, and after Pancha Karma it was very easy to recognise this. I had absolutely no difficulties in letting go of those foods. Also my eating has become more rhythmic. I also let go of smoking that much Cannabis – I still smoke some, but not that much and I am not missing it when I don’t.

Overall I felt that the Doctors and all staff at Chakrapani facilitated my treatment and 1 week study very well and professionally. From the consultations and studies I also got quite a lot of directions how to integrate Ayurveda into my daily life and the way I see things and take care of myself.

I’ve worked with many healers around the world, and I feel Pancha Karma is one the most healing things to do I’ve found.

Thank you 🙂

I feel like I will go through Pancha Karma again some day. It seems to be true, that it really affects the very roots of the health and disease. 

I would love to continue my studies on Ayurveda, but I could not come to visit India start of this year as I planned. Maybe I can come next year. 

I wonder how to continue the study?

I saw you have some online courses available.

Still I found that personal attention is very very useful in learning Ayurveda. 

I’ve studied it before on some yoga retreats and books and alike, but I felt that there in Jaipur I really started to understand what Ayurveda is about and also to integrate that information into my life. Thats why I would like to continue my studies there. However, since I am not able to travel there at the moment, we could find some other way on the meantime.

Ive been also thinking to ask Ossi Viljakainen to teach me here in Finland. I understood he has studied there in Jaipur with you?

What would you suggest?


Sami Kiukas