Karin Nawrath

Dear Doctors
I wanted to say that have studied in Jaipur, was the experience of my life. I think it was an excellent choice to have traveled that far, because I could find study quality and also human quality. Thanks to all who helped me to understand, the ones who teached me technique, and how to reach the patients, to ask the right questions, and get  concrete answers.
Now I’m looking for some job someplace of quality in Chile. I also want to dedicate myself to attend my own patients in my consultation place. So far, people are very satisfied with everything that I have been able to offer.
I hope to come back to India soon, because I really miss you a lot, and I want to keep learning more.
Sometimes I still have dreams about me riding a tuk-tuk or taking off my shoes in the entrance of the clinic, and receiving my hot herbal tea of the morning.

Thanks for everything.

Krishna bless you forever

Sincerly, Karin Nawrath.
Santiago, Chile.