brian morrison

About four years ago I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Since that time I had actively been seeking a treatment program that did not involve taking conventional medications. My research led me to schedule a consultation with Dr Rajesh Kotecha from the Chakrapani Ayuveda Clinic in Jaipur India, who was visiting Reno Nevada. During my appointment Dr Kotecha explained to me that whilst the Ayuveda could not cure Parkinson’s, it would provide a means to delay its progression and alleviate some of the symptoms.

The next day I made the difficult decision to travel half way across the world to Jaipur. From the moment I was picked up at the airport by the clinic driver until the end of my stay, my experience at the CAC exceeded my expectations. The entire staff went out of their way to make my stay both comfortable and productive. Dr Kotecha spent time with me every day to explain the different curriculums.

When I left the clinic after ten days of treatment, I felt totally refreshed and energized and I felt that I was armed with a new game plan to deal with my disease.

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God Luck