Bakula – Mimusops elengi

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Bakula Botanical name – Mimusops elengi Family name – Sapotaceae English name –Indian Medlar, Bulletwood Tree Common name –Bakul Habit – Perennial tree Parts used–Seeds, flowers, bark and roots Common Uses–Bakula is effective as a cardio and brain tonic and can be used like snuff to relieve headaches. Its ripe fruit has a general body toning function. Bakula fruits are astringent but sweet tasting and are effective in oral care and in the treatment of dental and gum disorders, such as caries etc. as well as to cure diarrhea. The plant is used both externally and internally. Gargling with a solution of a mixture of the bark powder is effective in treating bleeding and swollen gums. The flowers are used for preparing wound-healing lotions. Indications – It is used internally and as a mouth wash for disorders of teeth and gums. Products description–Bakula is available in Oral Care Formula, Tooth Powder, Bakula Powder.