Pain Management

“Owch its Paining “ this is the most popular complaint everybody is facing. There were a lot of methods for pain management. It may be occur at any stage of life, with varying intensity and may can occur at any location, at any person without any age barrier.

Many people have a false belief that Ayurveda is no good in times of acute pain, Ayurvedic medicines should only be consumed in chronic illnesses and it always gives very slow results but the thing is they are unaware of the wonder management. Here are the various ways to kill pain.


Generally shoola refers to any type of pain. Shoola can appear as roopa or upadrava of a disease. Shoola and roga both have same meaning i.e., pain giving.

Shoola is classified as swatantra shoola & paratantra shoola.  Paratantra shoola is considered as updrava of a disease. Swatantra soola is defined as a vyadhi itself.

PROGNOSIS OF SHOOLA “Ekadoshothida saadhyaha…….” (M.N.26.14)

•  Shoola produced by the increase of any one of the dosa is easily curable,

•  That produced by the combination of any two dosas is curable with difficulty,

•  That produced by the combination of all the three dosas, that which is very severe and associated with many complications is impossible to cure.


The concept of pain management is a big domain, so the treatment protocol varies accordingly.  Some may get relieved with internal medications but some with external therapies. Some type of pain may persist for a long time but some other may relieved fastly.

The management of pain should be based on all these characters like frequency, location, age, duration, intensity and also the associated symptoms.

Here at Chakrapani Ayurveda Clinic and Research Center we are providing a wide range of therapies both internally and externally.

Internal treatment:

It includes the administration of herbal medicines internally. It may be in the form of tablet, capsule, and herbal compound powder.

Pittantak capsule is one of the fast acting pain killer. Others such as Godanti cap, dasamool ghan vati, rasnadi ghan vati are also used for the pain management.

 External treatment:  The external panchakarma therapies includes;

Nadi swedan – the instant pain manager, in which medicated water vapour is applied over the painful region and the patient got immediate relief. This may be given locally and generally.

Patra pinda swedan – a bolus is prepared out of pain relieving leaves and oil, this is applied with oil over the body generally or locally depend on the condition of the patient. The oil used for the preparation of the bolus can be vary according to each patient.

Kashaya dhara – the medicated herbal decoction is pouring all over the body in a synchronized manner in a to and fro motion.

Abhyangam – application of medicated oil throughout the body or locally with specially designed steps for massaging.

Basthi – Medicated enema, the procedure of giving medicated decoction or oil into the anal region for reducing the pain.

Kati Basti, Janu Basti, Griva  Basti, are organ related procedures performed at respective site to manage pain and at the same time strengthen them

Agnikarma – A small rod of Gold with a blunt end, specially designed for this purpose is placed for heating and then on the affected area. It works effectively and gives immediate relief.

Rakthamokshana – scalp vein wherein blood is removed by puncturing the vein. In patients where blood pressure constantly remains high without any definite symptoms blood letting plays an efficient role.

Lepa : Lepa literally means application of paste of herbs on the affected area and leave it to dry. Usually applied in cases of swelling, injury, sprain, etc.

All these treatment are pacifying the aggravated vata over the body.  In Ayurveda pain is considered as the aggravation of vata dosha , this may be vata alone or accompanied with other doshas.

Note: All these procedures should be carried out under the guidance of an Ayurvedic physician only.

Now it’s time to bid bye to Pain killers and choose a healthy lifestyle.

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