Effect Of Tastes On Skin Health


Effect Of Tastes On Skin Health

According to Charaka, the ancient Ayurvedic scholar, the effect of food article on the body is predominantly due to its taste. So it is important to curtail food items depending upon the taste judiciously in your diet for keeping the skin healthy. The six tastes have different effects on the skin –

• Sweet taste in general increases the luster of the skin. It is beneficial for skin and hair.
• Sour taste has no direct effect on skin but if taken in excess can increase process of pus formation in the preexisting injury or eruption on the skin.
• Saline taste if taken in excess can increase cuts on the skin particularly in preexisting skin diseases. It accelerates the wrinkle formation on the skin and graying of hair as well as alopecia.
• Pungent taste reduces oiliness as well as itching of the skin but at the same time can create patches over the skin.
• Bitter taste in general is useful in all skin diseases. It reduces almost all secretions in the body.
• Astringent taste if taken in excess can produce tanning over the skin.

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