Diet and Lifestyle in Rainy Season


• Diet should be light, with little fat (i.e. ghee, butter or oil) and which is easy to digest. Take freshly prepared food.
• Avoid excess intake of Pungent, Bitter and Astringent taste food items.
• 10-12 glasses of water intake daily, preferably lukewarm.
• Old grains (i.e. wheat, rice, pulses etc.) should be used in this season.
• Spices like cumin seeds, fennel seeds, ajwaine, asafoetida, cinnamon, rock salt etc. should be used more.
• Triphala or Haritaki powder along with rock salt (4:1 ratio) can be followed through out the season.
• Morning walk and Pranayam is beneficial.
• Only mild kind of physical exercise should be done. Weak person should avoid exercise.
• Should not sleep during day time.
• Should wear dry & light cloths, prefer cotton fabric.
• Avoid much exposure to sun and rain both.
• Can use perfumes.
• Massage, steam bath and Panchakarma should be taken.

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