Ayurveda Newsletter

We publish a (free) e-Newsletter on Ayurveda to enable all of you worldwide to access this medical system. Our newsletter contains very useful information on Ayurveda and other holistic systems of medicine, compatible to Ayurveda. At our centre, a group of Ayurveda doctors together with our professional computer management staff are involved with the publishing of the newsletter and all articles are edited by the medical board at Chakrapani Ayurveda. Professional writers from different medical disciplines also contribute their articles. People who are interested in Ayurveda medicinal system and its various branches of treatments, are therefore able, through reading our newsletter, to gain knowledge of these various aspects of Ayurveda.

We provide below past issues dating back to January-2013 with the title of the lead article. This enables you, the reader, to access these past issues according to articles of interest. As soon as we receive your subscription request for the Newsletter, it will be sent regularly to your mail-box. Please let us have your feedback and suggestions, as we only wish to serve you, as Ayurveda serves us.