Ayurveda cooking & preparations of formulations and oils

Ayurveda cooking & preparations of Ayurvedic herbal medicines & oils

(One – Two weeks program)

One week program

Introduction to Ayurveda
Prakriti analysis (body – type analysis)
Concept of Agni (digestive fire) & Ama (biological toxins)
Basic principles of Ayurvedic dietetics
Ayurveda cooking
Related Indian herbs & spices
Preparation of herbal oils

Two weeks program (including above subjects) [recommended]

Panchavidha Kashaya Kalpana
Common herbal compounds & tablets
Preparation of herbal oils
Preparation of herbal medicated ghee
Preparations of herbal decoctions
Guggul purification & preparation
Preparation of Avleha (herbal paste)
Preparations of food for Samsarjana Krama (post-Panchakarma food management)

If you wish to have any specific changes in the training course, we would be glad to make the changes to provide you, your customized Ayurveda Learning Program. 

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