Dr. Rajesh Kotecha, M.D. (Ayurveda), CEO of Chakrapani Ayurveda, India will be visiting USA from Mar 28 to Apr 16, 2013. He is again invited to the community in the West and mid West of USA to give lectures, Panchakarma therapy, consultations and conduct workshops. We invite our visitors of USA to attend any of his events to be organized during above said period. To get the details of his travel and to register for an appointment with him, kindly call Mr. Gary at 1-888-98-HERBS (43727).

His tentative program for the lectures, workshops, personal consultations and Panchakarma at different places of West coast and Mid-West, USA is as below:


Mar 28 and Mar 29 2013 Hay Market Studio, Lincoln, Nebraska Contact Ms. Cary 402-477-5101

Mar 31 till Apr 05 2013 - Omaha Healing Arts center, Omaha, Nebraska- Call Ms. Sandy 402 3455078

Apr 06- Apr 07 2013 - Ames Yoga Center, Ames, Iowa Contact Ruth Ann Hadish 515-291-9642

Apr 08 Apr 11 2013 - 5 Elements Yoga Center, Fargo, North Dakota Contact Ms, Juliet 701-388-2967

Apr 12 Apr 16 2013 - Garry & Sun (Ayurvedic Healers) , Reno, Nevada Contact Jennifer/Sunita/ Gary 775 8266004, 1 888 98 HERBS (43727)


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