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Techniques of Surya Namaskaar

Suryanamaskar (an ancient Indian yoga) is the art of solar vitalization. It is a complete meditative technique in itself as it includes Asanas, Pranayama, Mantras and Mudras. It has got three aspects: form, vital energy and rhythm. It is the easiest way for a person to get used to Yoga. It should be done along with chanting of mantras in every posture. In simple words, Suryanamaskar is a combination of 12 different postures, followed in a particular sequence with a specific breathing pattern. It helps an individual to  vitalize and unblock the whole system. It reduces fat from almost all parts of the body, as it stretches each and every muscle and tones it.

Wash your face & hands after waking up. Then go to a place where you can stand facing the rising Sun. Fold your hands as in "Namaste". With your eyes closed, pray silently to Lord Sun -

" Hey Surya Dev , Mera Pranaam sweekar karen , Samasta Bhaagya Janit Sankaton Se meri raksha karen"
( O Lord Sun , Salutation to you . Please protect me from all ill effects that fate may have in store for me).

You can keep a small carpet or piece of cloth to stand on. But it should be clean & kept safely after the entire activity is over.

There are 12 names of lord Sun, that need to be chanted during the entire exercise. One name/prayer before commencement of each round. Each round consists of 12 postures/positions and there are 12 rounds.

Position 1

Stand with your feet together and palms folded in front of your chest. Close your eyes and chant the Mantra Om Mitrayah Namaha..... breath normally.




Position 2

Raise your arms over your head and shoulders with the palms touching each other and biceps touching your ears. Stretch your abdomen as much as possible and lean backwards. Inhale and chant Om Khagaya Namaha.....




Position 3

Bend forward and place your palms at the side of your feet. Touch the knee with your forehead and exhale deeply, while chanting Om Suryaya Namaha.....




Position 4

Take one leg back and place the other leg in the front with palms firm on the ground. Raise your head and inhale, while chanting Om Bhanuvae Namaha.....



Position 5

Bring the leg that was in front next to other one and keep the hips off the floor, with your hands supporting the body in a push-up position. Exhale and chant Om Ravi Namaha.....


Position 6

Lower your knees, chest and forehead, with your palms firmly on the ground next to your chest and elbows bent upwards. Hold the breath here and chant Om Pushnae Namaha.....


Position 7

Lower your waist and raise your upper body. Look upwards and keep your arms straight. Inhale and chant Om Hiranya-Garbhaya Namaha.....


Position 8

Raise your hips and bring your head to the floor with eyes on the navel and heel on the floor - like an inverted 'V'. Exhale and chant Om Marichiye Namaha.....


Position 9

In this step the posture is the same as in step 4. Inhale and chant Mantra Om Adityaya Namaha.



Position 10

In this step the posture is the same as in step 3. Exhale while chanting Om Savitre Namaha.....




Position 11

In this step the posture is the same as in step 2. Inhale and chant Om Arkaya Namaha.....





Position 12

In this step the posture is the same as in step 1. Breathe normally and chant Om Bhaskaraya Namaha.....





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