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".....I have started taking the medicines which you prescribed for me and I am so very happy to be able to tell you that I am recovering and feeling healthy, strong and balanced again. I don't know  how  to give my thanks and blessings to  you. I  can only wish that Chakrapani Ayurveda may flourish to such an extent that everyone hears of it."
- Pranjali, India

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Can we help you with any urgent health issues?

We provide free online consultations  to anyone who wishes  to stop taking Allopathic medication  -  with their chemical origins  -  and to try safe herbal preparations prescribed exactly for your own personal constitution, without any obligation to us. To register for this service, please  send all the details of your complaints with a full history of treatment undertaken. Fill in the following form. We ask only one thing from you -  to recommend our site to your beloved family members and friends, so they too can participate  and take advantage of this free service to  mankind.

We receive many requests for consultation. Each and every query is read and then  processed personally by our Ayurveda staff physicians. Please, therefore,  have patience with us, so we can help you the best we can. Expect about a 1-2 week waiting process.. We promise, that each and every person will receive a personal and individual  consultation report. 

  * In case of any error in submitting the details, send your complaint directly at

Contact us at :

Chakrapani Ayurveda Clinic & Research Center
8 Diamond hill, Behind Birla temple, Tulsi circle,
Shanti path, Jaipur-302004, India. 
Phone: +91-141-2624003        Fax +91-141-2620746



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Our Consultants

Dr. Parvathy Rajeev

Consultant  Physician  and Head of the Panchkarma Dept.


Dr. Aditi Nanchahal Monga

Consultant Physician and Head of the Training Dept..

Dr. Lakshmi L.

Consultant Physician and Head of the Panchakarma Dept.


Consultant Physician and Head of the Pharmacy Dept.




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