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First Aid Kit




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First Aid Kit - 1 pkt. 12.95

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While traveling or at home, this kit is useful in general minor ailments. This first aid kit consists of internal medicines along with ointment for local application.

Note- These medicines are primary aid for acute onset of disease. We recommend seeking medical advice after symptomatic relief.


Internal medicines-24 months from the date of packing.

Ointment- 36 months from the date of packing

Contents :

Amrita tablet-100


Pittantaka capsule-15


Shringa capsule-10


Shankha tablet-10


Godanti capsule-10


Sanshamani tablet-20


Shallaki capsule-10


Vatsakadivati tablet-20


Kutajaghan tablet-15


Sanjivani tablet-10


Sukhvirechana tablet-5


Yashtimadhughan tablet-50


Nimbadi ointment-1 pack 10gm

Pidantaka ointment-1 pack 10 gm

Roll bandage -1


Adhesive bandage-3


 Indications :



(repeat 3 times a day and take with water)


1 Godanti capsule + 1 Pittanataka capsule with water


Headache associated with cough & cold

1 Shringa capsule


Diarrhea Severe with more frequency

1 Sanjivani tablet + 2 Kutajaghan tablet + 3 Vatsakaditablet


Diarrhea Mild with less frequency

3 Vatsakadi tablet


Indigestion, gastritis, acidity, flatulence


1 Shankha tablet + 1 Pittantaka capsule

Fever High grade with body ache

1 Sanjivani tablet + 2 Sanshamani tablet


Mild fever

2 Sanshamani tablet


Cough & cold with sputum

1 Shringa capsule + 1 Sanjivani tablet+ 2 Shanshamani tablet

Dry cough

2 Sanshamani tablet + 4-5  Yashthimadhu tablet (for chewing)


Sore throat with pain

4-5 Yashthimadhu tablet (for chewing)


Giddiness, Nausea, Vomiting, Abdominal pain


4-10 Amrita tablet for chewing.




1-2 Sukhvirechana tablet

For itching, allergies, rashes

2 Shashamani tablet  with water+ Nimbadi ointment for local application


Cut, wound, insect bite

Nimbadi ointment for local application


Sprain, strain, joint pain, headache

Pidantaka ointment for local application




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