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"Visit India for Panchakarma"


Now available 100% Organic Ayurveda Herbs  under

"AYUSHKAR" brand of Chakrapani


Ayurveda as the name says is a combination of two words Ayu (life) and Vedas (science ). Thus Ayurveda is the most ancient science of life. It not only aims to cure the diseased but at the same time aims at maintaining the health of the healthy individual. It is Not just a system of preventive medicine, Ayurveda emphasizes a healthful & enlightened lifestyle a concept that’s gaining wide acceptance across the globe.  

About Chakrapani

The Chakrapani  name is synonym of lord Krishna as well as it memorizes us about the great Ayurveda physician of India who was famous with the same name. Chakrapani Ayurveda clinic and research center  in Jaipur (pink city of Rajasthan, India) is a pioneer in Ayurveda, practing Ayurveda in its most authentic and  actual form. The center is listed in lonely planet for almost all the services offered by the center like Ayurveda Training, Panchakarma Treatments, Ayurveda Products and has achieved ISO 9001 : 2008 and ISO 22000 : 2005 for the same.


        Stress Alleviation Tea

             Digestive Help Tea

Helps to cope with continuous exposure to stress & Helps in relief from stress.

         Regular price US$ 6.95             
(A pack of 20 sachets of tea bags)

Buy 3 get 1 FREE

Helps in bloating and acid reflux problems, A balancing formula for the healthy digestive system & Helps in improving digestion

Regular price US$ 5.99 (A pack of 20 sachets of tea bags)

Buy 3 get 1 FREE

        Organic Triphala Powder

        Medohar Yog

   This formula and its individual        ingredients are highly valued in Ayurveda, being compared to a "good manager of the house," aiding digestion, nutrient absorption and body metabolism.

Regular Price : US$ 29.95(120caps) offer Price US$ 19.95

Medohar Yog is an unique formula to cope with the obesity, overweight, weight gaining problems. This blend is a combination of Medohar Capsules and Medohar Tablet. It is Strongly recommended that you should take both (Medohar Capsules and Medohar Tablet) for the optimum outcome as mentioned in the instruction sheet provided with the pack.

Regular Price : US$ 29.95 Offer price US$24.95

Shirodhara Pot

          Panchakarma Equipment Set

Shirodhara Pot
Made from 100% pure copper with beautiful brass chain and S hook. Also fitted with control
flow oil mechanism.
US$ 105.00 (with shipping)

With the single unit (Ayurveda massage table (Droni), Shirodhara stand and Shirodhara pot) various Ayurveda therapies like Ayurveda Massage known as Abhyangam, Swedanam, Shirodhara, Udvartanam (dry powder massage), Pizzichil, Pindaswedanam (kijhi), Katibasti, Tarpanam, face treatments etc. can be done easily at one place.

For more on Panchkarma equipment visit : http://panchakarmaequipment.com

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Dr. Kotecha talks about Ayurveda in Bogotá

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Lord Dhanvantari (The God of Ayurveda) statue

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Dr. Steven L. Hairfield's blessings to Chakrapani


A Statement From Chakrapani Ayurveda, India and Garry & Sun, USA Regarding the Issue of Heavy Metals in Some Ayurvedic Herbal Remedies

Child Labour Declaration

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After 4 months of your Rasayana my mother´s liver (which was very bad) got completely cured, and the doctors all wondered how and why, as no western medicine was working. She is very happy and thankful to you! So, I thank you very much. All the best for you and all the others. - Petra, Germany 

Dear Dr. Rajesh,
This letter is being written to thank you for the kindness and concern for all of the people that journeyed with me to Rajasthan, India and the wonderful city of Jaipur. As always it brings joy to my heart to see you while in India and for that matter anywhere. I do look forward to the opening of your new clinic and bringing people to experience the panchakarma ayurvedic process.

Shanti Namah, Steven L. Hairfield, Ph.D. (Thank you very much Dr. Steven for your wonderful compliments)

Read full letter of Dr. Steven at http://chakrapaniayurveda.com/steven.html

Dear Dr. Kotecha, 
Dear Dr. Parvathy and Dr. Pallavi,

I hope you all with the great team are very well in Jaipur, continuing happily your life, which is dedicated to Ayurveda with love. As promised, I write you to send a feedback on my experience and on my personal training in your clinic. 

First, I had to thank you for your warm hospitality and your great human approach. I learn a lot and intensively in some of the main areas of ayurveda and I was in deeper with this great and complex science of life. Thanks to your efficient team of doctors, complete services and a great pharmacy, I had customized lessons according to my needs. When I first came in the clinic, I was impressed by the strong smell, manifesting the quality and the natural power of the oils. In 3 weeks, I could enhance myself and my passion for herbs and oils cooking, panchakarma different technics, ayurveda's principles and lifestyle, constitution diagnosis and different way of treatments of unbalances and diseases.  But first of all, in your center, I found my way and my meaning of life, I had many revelations : I could confirm that my intensions with ayurveda are true and positive, and I felt surrounded in my ayurveda's path, in my life's convictions. I was helped in my search for wellbeing and balance, supported towards real health. You naturally increased my knowledge, but most of all, my conscience and my convictions, my trust in ayurveda. You learned me how to give right conditions to my body and to my mind to empower themselves, heal themselves and know what it is good for me. I found the support I needed for personal balance and all I needed for my professional background. I found my ayurveda family in India. 

Sure is that I will come back soon, now that I have opened this door and I see full of light... it is time to learn more... enhance my capacity to be and to give!

Thea Ruggia
Massages et traitements ayurvédiques traditionnels

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We are delighted to announce that Chakrapani Center has been awarded the following ISO (International Organization for Standardization) certifications. ISO 9001:2008 is for our quality management system and ISO 22000:2005 for following highest level of food safety standards in our manufacturing facility.

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